Wednesday 23 September 2015

What is the Best way to Make Money with Blogs?

Earning online money is an art not a technique but if you are following a professional approach which blogging then there is nothing impossible to earn a passive monthly income.


1 Best way to Make Money with Blogs

Do you blog for money?

If yes, are you satisfy with your earning through your blogging?

Do you think that your blog success depends on the strategy you make while blogging?

And if, you are not sure about then I am sure that you are not earning money with your blog.

What is Blogging Strategy?

Is blogging a strategy?

"Blogging is a strategy, the better it is, the best result you will see."


Take your time to think and reply because your blogging success depends on the strategy you make.

But, my answer is YES for the above question.

Do you know why I think that blogging is a strategy?

At present I am writing for my 15+ blogs of different niches and I am earning with all my blogs.

Because, I make strategy before publishing my post and always change my blogging strategy with every new blog post.

And I know, change is for success. So I adopt this strategy.

If you really want to earn money, then you have to make strategy for your every step in blogging.


The trend of blogging is changed and the taste of your readers frequently changing. 

And you have to blog with the latest trend of blogging and the taste of your readers.

In blogging there are several strategies.
  • Blog title or headline strategy
  • Content strategy
  • Choosing keyword strategy
  • Publishing strategy
  • Promoting strategy
  • Social media strategy
  • Email subscription strategy
  • Opt-in form strategy and so on...
I am so sorry if I did not mention about strategies earlier in my posts.

But these exist in blogging and if you don't pay attention to these strategies, then your blog can not earn money.

In short, Blogging is a fun oriented if done with proper strategy.

For making blogging strategy, you have to adopt a professional approach while blogging.

The best way to adopt professional approach

Everyone is blogging and earning but not frequently.

Do you know why?

Because, they are not adopting the best professional approach while blogging and they seems satisfied with their little or small earnings.

But this is not the solution for anyone.

And, if you really want to earn some passive money on regular interval, you have to adopt the professional approach for your blog and blogging.

So, the best way make money with your blogs is to adopt a professional approach while making strategy for your blog and blogging.

Now, the question which will come to your mind is that;

What is professional approach and how to adopt it?

It is very simple, you just need to read more and more to learn about blogging and its tactics.

It doesn't matter whether you are using free blogging platform or paid.

You just need to make strategy in every step of blogging.

All strategies are well explained in the below mentioned related posts and I personally recommend for you.

If you are agree that we should make a strategy for each step while blogging then you can share your feedback in the comment system below.

You can also follow us on Google+ to encourage us to write more and more in-depth content.

Thanks for reading till end.

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